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HART configurator

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UK company BMS Technology Ltd offers general-purpose HART Configurator software for the Psion LZ64 pocket computer with the CNF61 HART interface from Measurement Technology Ltd.

(Unfortunately, BMS can no longer supply the hardware.)

The CN101H uses universal and common-practice HART commands to identify, test, calibrate and re-range any HART field device, and to monitor up to four process variables. Optional datapaks provide device-specific functions for a variety of manufacturers' HART devices. (But make sure the devices and functions you need are supported.)

Multidrop HART networks are fully supported, with automatic scanning of polling addresses.

In addition to its HART communication functions, you can run other available software (including your own, written in Psion's OPL language). This capability - and a lower price! - make it an interesting alternative to Fisher-Rosemount's model 275 HART Communicator.

If you would like more information, use the "Request more information" form, or visit BMS Technology's own website at (where you can also buy online).

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