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Guide to the evaluation of fieldbus protocols

Copyright © Romilly Bowden 2004.

PD 0014:2000 The British Standards Institution (BSI) has revised its 34-page document PD 0014:2000, entitled "Guide to the evaluation of fieldbus protocols - Selecting the best fieldbus for your application". The new version is BIP 0014:2004. This document is particularly (but not exclusively) aimed at end-users, and is intended to provide a basic understanding of fieldbus technology, as an aid to the selection of a suitable fieldbus for a particular application. It includes a table which lists key characteristics of many leading fieldbuses.

BIP 0014:2004 is available from BSI, price £34.00, as a printed copy only. You can order online: go to & Publications/shop.html and search for BIP 0014. (You will have to register, which unfortunately doesn't seem to work with some browsers). Or, call +44 (0)20 8996 7555. For more information about DISC, visit the BSI website.

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