HCF_LIT-20 Rev. 3.0: Errata 2         10 June 2008


Table A3.3. Command response codes with multiple meanings

Code 29, "Invalid span", is also supported by Command #35. The relevant line should be:


Warning (W) or Error (E)


Alternative meanings



35, 36, 37

Invalid span



Table 9.4. Field device status

and Table A3.4. Field device status

The descriptions for bits 0 and 1 were interchanged. The tables should be as follows:


Status indication


Bit 7

Field device malfunction

Measurements should not be trusted

Bit 6

Configuration changed 1

Set whenever a configuration change is made by any host, or through a local operator interface. A master should recognise this bit as a warning to re-read any cached configuration information, and should then clear the bit by sending Command #38

Bit 5

Cold start 1

Set, for one transaction only to each master, when a field device is powered up

Bit 4

More status available

Use Command #48 to retrieve further information (see section 9.5)

Bit 3

Analogue output fixed

The device is in multidrop mode, or the output has been set at a fixed value for testing. This bit applies only to Analogue Output #1 3

Bit 2

Analogue output saturated

The measurement (for Analogue Output #1) is out of range, or the actuator input current is out of range 2, 3

Bit 1

Non-primary variable out of limits

As below, but for one or more other variables. There is no way to identify the specific variable (unless Command #48 gives further information)

Bit 0

Primary variable out of limits

The primary measurement is outside the sensor operating limits. So, not only is the analogue signal unreliable, but so is the digital value read by HART commands