HCF_LIT-20 Rev. 3.0: Errata 3         19 February 2010


In Figure 6.1, an unsynchronized bursting slave should be specified to burst after 305 - 325 ms.

In the footnotes to Figure 6.1, the second item ("Intervals are timed ") should be identified as note 2.

In Table A1.1, command 9, the response bytes are wrongly numbered. The last two items should be Byte 17-24 and Byte 25-32.

In Table A1.2, notes should be added:

For commands 40, 45 and 46: "(voltage-mode devices return the signal in volts)"
For commands 51, 62 and 110: "(may be truncated after last supported variable)"

In Table A2.2, unit code 35 should be K (not F).

In the Glossary entry for Floating Point, add further explanations:

HART allows the double precision form, but this is not used in current Universal or Common-practice commands.
An unused variable is represented by the value 7FA00000 (an IEEE-specified "not a number").

In the Glossary entry for Polling Address, add further explanation:

Polling address 63 is normally reserved for use by I/O systems.