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Some other HART and Fieldbus web sites

Links to user groups or promoters of the major industrial communication protocols, and to some general survey information. This list is definitely not exhaustive, but will lead you to some interesting sites with plenty more links to other sources.

Links checked 13 November 2004. Please let me know if any of the links don't work! Or if there are good links you think should be added.


URL Destination The HART Communication Foundation: the not-for-profit support organisation which owns the registered trademark "HART", and all rights to the protocol itself. Provides information and support for vendors and users. You can download an "Application Guide". The HART Book - the web version of the printed magazine "The HART Book". An extensive list of available products and suppliers. Also a reference section including an interesting and useful article on calibrating HART field instruments Rosemount Measurement Division: the originator of the HART protocol. Probably still offers the widest range of HART products
http://www.analogservices.comAnalog Services have a large Technical Library section, including a 3-part article About HART and a useful Application Note on the design of HART devices
http://www.smar.comSmar have information on HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and Profibus, including a general 6-page HART tutorial, downloadable as a PDF file Supercomputing Center has a good explanation of the IEEE754 floating point data format


URL Destination Fieldbus Foundation. Includes a 30-page Tutorial Emerson Process Management's free on-line PlantWeb University Engineering School A 29-page Fieldbus Tutorial from Smar


URL Destination WorldFIP Profibus P-Net


URL Destination Echelon Corporation LonMark Interoperability Association

Other Buses

Some of these are lower level protocols using short messages for high efficiency, more suited to simple field devices, such as on-off switches and solenoid actuators.

URL Destination ControlNet International Controller Area Network (CAN) - Robert Bosch GmbH CAN In Automation (CAN trade association) SDS (Smart Distributed System); Honeywell's CAN Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA) Bitbus European Users Group Interbus Club (North American branch) AS-i (AS-Interface)


(Not really a "fieldbus", but a widely used and very successful industrial communication protocol)

URL Destination Schneider Automation: Modbus specifications

Industrial Ethernet

URL Destination The Online Industrial Ethernet Book. An extensive list of available products and suppliers, an archive of published articles (compatible only with Internet Explorer?), and an extensive technical discussion forum


URL Destination B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company, leading to ... "Basics of the RS-485 Standard", and ... a splendid "RS422/485 Application Note" (also downloadable in Acrobat format)

General information and more links

URL Destination The Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost Rob's Fieldbus Pages, including a downloadable 6-page tabular comparison of Profibus, Interbus, AS-Interface, Modbus and Industrial Ethernet
ANSI/ISA "SP-50" fieldbus standard (downloadable but not free!) INFIDA Feldbus Datenbank (German) INFIDA Fieldbus Databank (English) Hassbjer Micro System - Fieldbus links


URL Destination The Foxboro Company Honeywell Industrial Measurement and Control MTL Instruments Group (for IS barriers and isolators) Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
Pepperl+Fuchs UK Elcon products, now from Pepperl+Fuchs Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley networks) Rosemount Measurement Division Siemens AG Smar International Corp. Softing GmbH

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