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Writing Device Descriptions Workshop

Message posted by Ed Ladd ( : on 31 August 2004 at 21:49:43.

Writing Device Descriptions Workshop

Date: September 13-16, 2004
Location: Basel, Switzerland

It's not to late to participate in the HCF's upcoming "Writing Device
Descriptions Workshop".

Workshop Attendees Receive:
- Device Description-Integrated Development Environment software ($1000
- One-on-One Instruction from HCF's Chief Engineer
- Hands on DD development, you will leave with a DD for your company's
- An understanding of the Device Description Language and how it should
be written

Writing Device Descriptions is a comprehensive course covering all
aspects of DD development. This workshop is intended to immerse
developers into the process of developing a Device Description for their
company's product. Using a half lecture half lab structure, all students
develop a Device Description for their company's product during the
workshop. The instructor provides one-on-one counseling to assist the
student as they create a basic DD for their unique device. All HCF
courses qualify for professional development hours (PDH) for the time
spent. Participants receive a complete copy of the Integrated
Development Environment, which includes a DDL editor, tokenizer,
transmitter simulator and the Smart Device Configurator SDC-625.

The upcoming course will be held in Basel, Switzerland. Basel is easy
to get to. There are direct flights to Basel from the US and easy train
connections from cities in Europe. The course will be held at Hotel
MERIAN, rates starting at CHF 138. Breaks and lunch are included with
the workshop. The workshop ends mid-afternoon on Thursday allowing most
students to travel home that day.

REGISTER NOW! Link to course agenda and registration form below:

Questions? Please contact us at 41 61 333-2275 in Europe, 512-794-0369
in the US or via email at

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