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HART Revision 6

Message posted by Tobias Böttger ( : on 03 September 2002 at 14:53:19.

I have some questions concerning HART Revision 6.0.

1. Are there any devices, especially Masters,
that support Revision 6 yet? What about the HC 275
and AMS 6.0? The DDs in the actual distribution of the
HCF are only Revision 5.

2. I would like to know if there is additional work
to do because of the backwards compatibility by
supporting Revision 6. For example, if you use the new
common practice commands for transducer trimming,
what happens if the Master is only Revision 5?
Is it possible for a Rev 5 Master to call these
commands? If not, you would have to additionally
implement device specific trimming commands,
and the advantage of using Revision 6 would be forfeit.

3. What about commands like #0?. In the Specification
there isn't anything written about backwards
compatibility concerning this command. In the slave
response there is more data than an a Rev. 5 Master
would expect (e.g. the configuration counter). Is
this a problem? Is it sufficient to declare this
additional data in the DD for Revision 5? Or does the
slave have to differentiate between the Master's

4. What about the longer data field in Revision 6?
If you want to be backwards compatible with full
functionality you cannot use this feature, because you
would have to implement the same commands twice
(once for Revision 6 with long data fields and once
for Revision 5 with short data fields). Is this true?

5. Can you estimate how fast there will be a market for
Revision 6 devices? Or put it another way, will it be
a big disadvantage in 2 or 3 years to support only
Revision 5? In the moment I don't see the big
advantages to support Revision 6 if there is much more
additional work to do in comparison to Revision 5.

Thank you very much for your help.

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