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Intermittent/Erratic Signal behaviour

Message posted by Lee Enfantie ( : on 04 September 2002 at 03:59:05.

We are using Fisher DVCs with MTL4046P IS Barriers. We have a Rosemount Triloop stripping the HART signal off and sending it to the Yokogawa DCS.
We are experiencing intermittent faults and also erratic signal behaviour. I have checked or in the process of checking screens/earth, cable runs, voltage compliances, compatability and all things obvious and indicative of signal noise.
Not all of our setups exhibit the same faults even though it is the same setup.
Apparently the HART Firmware v2 in the DVC has a known fault. Does anyone have more details of this problem?
I am trialing a HART filter on the output to 1 DVC and an upgrade to Firmware v4 in another DVC. Unfortunately both appear to fix the problem. What is the connection between these 2 solutions?

It is a bit long winded but what I am asking is there anyone familiar with intermittent HART faults on Fisher DVCs?

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