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DD writing question

Message posted by Dimitriy Grigorovitch ( : on 18 December 2007 at 11:33:17.

Hello All.
I`am developing a DD for analytical device, during the development the following questions came up:

How can I change a menu or a variable definitions accordingly to an input that comes from a device( I want to cancel some options for some working modes)?

How can I implement Command 122(This is a non public command, but we want to build a DD version for in company use only)?

How can I get a newer version of the HCF_KIT-225,(Now I`am working with 2.0), if it exists?

Where can I download Common Tables ver 17.0 (HCF_KIT-225 ver. 2.0 includes only Common Tables ver 15.0) ?

As I understood, the DDL supports a graphical interface,but when I am executing a DD, the SDC is still only textual (I cant make it look
Window or Page style like it is described in HCF_SPEC-500 12.0 - DDL Specification, chapter 10.1.2), is it because the SDC core does not
supports graphical interface?

Thanking you in anticipation,
Best Regards,
Dimitriy Grigorovitch

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Subject: Re: DD writing question


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