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Some questions - My first HART development

Message posted by Jens ( : on 28 March 2008 at 07:00:25.

Hello all,

I am working on an university projekt. I want to make a micrcontroller (LPC2106) available for HART. But I think, that is not the difficult part of this projekt. There are some modem ics like the HT2015 which are perfect for this job (maybe someone prefer an other ic... let me know). The software implementation will also not the main problem. I downloaded the HART spec rev 5 and 6 were all HART commands are listed which i must handle (Is it worth to pay for rev.7 ??? Available at Are there many differences).
I see a problem in testing the system. I need in any case a HART modem for my PC (USB or RS232). Maybe someone can suggest one.
An other problem is the needed software. I think all of them are expensive and based on DD (Device Descripton) Files. But I can't find some tutorials about DDs. I have the feeling all goes over the HCF and a registration is secessary. The club which want to have much money for any informations.
Maybe someone can tell about freeware tools to create/debug a DD file.
On the other hand there is the FDT/DTM technology with the same problems.

Thanks a lot and best Regards,

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Subject: Re: Some questions - My first HART development


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