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Re: 460.8 kHz Crystal

Message posted by Tom Gooderham ( : on 05 November 2003 at 14:33:41.

in reply to: Re: 460.8 kHz Crystal posted by Edson Emboaba on 11 September 2003 at 14:15:54.

I am also having problems with 460.8KHz frequency as input to the hart modem in particular the AMIS version A5191HRT. Have tried Digi key for the 455KHz resonator but this page quoted is for america and apparently is not avaliable to the uk!! I have tried a Murata CSB455KHZ resonator but it does not resonate at the correct amplitude (But this works on the Microchip PIC xtal inputs). I know the hart chip works as have used a signal generator to produce the 455khz signal. What I would like to know is;

1) Is there any other resonators that I can try that are readily avalible.
2) Is there anything about the Hart chip that requires a different type of resonator or crystal to what other chip such as the PIC require!??
3) Any other ideas?

Many thanks in advance.


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