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4-20 mA Hart to provide communication capability to MMI Wonderware factory suit

Message posted by Zulkifli ( : on 27 February 2002 at 02:00:13.

Can we use output 4-20mA Hart on Altus Digital Rate Totalizer series 3300, to display all of measured parameters on the pc moniotor using MMI Wonderware factory suit 2000 or through PLC Modicon Quantum or 984 series, so the operator can monitor the flow rate or cumulative reading right on the monitor which excatly the same with those from the Altus itself as it was remotely located. The altus is used with CMF100 sensor, Transmitter 9739, sofware vers. 4.0. Micromotion Fisher Rosemount.
What devices to purchase to complete the system and how? We have experts here in PLC and MMI programming.
How do we know or find the address of registers inside the transmitter 9739 or Altus 3300. If we can get the address of the registers we might use RS485 for communication and ask for a software. Tahnk you

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