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HART Technical Overview Booklet HCF_LIT-020 Rev. 3.0: Errata

Copyright © Romilly Bowden 2008-2012.

New booklet

So far, there have been four sets of errata for this document.

You should have received the first, dated 27 August 2007, along with the booklet. The second is dated 10 June 2008, the third is dated 19 February 2010, and the fourth is dated 15 April 2012.

If you prefer, these are available as printable Microsoft Word documents, at,, and

Previous editions

If you have a copy of my earlier editions, please note, there has been some confusion about the size limit for the HART data field. In early printings, the booklet several times mentions 25 bytes, but this must not be regarded as a specified absolute limit. See the HART data field for more information on this.

Editions printed between February 2002 and February 2004 may contain an error in figure 3-4. More information ...

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